SavaJe Java OS for mobiles comes out of closet

With the help of Intel and TI
Written by Tony Hallett, Contributor

With the help of Intel and TI

SavaJe, a start-up backed by - among others - Orange and Vodafone, has announced two big steps forward in getting its operating system onto mobile phones.

The Massachusetts-based company, which believes it will be a long-term threat to Linux, Microsoft and Symbian on mobile devices, has announced a programme to optimise its software for Intel Personal Internet Client Architecture (Intel PCA) processors and chips used in second- and third-generation mobile phones.

At the same time, SavaJe has said its Java OS will be optimised for Texas Instruments' OMAP processors.

Intel and TI are in the top tier of vendors competing to be at the heart of mobile and wireless devices.

SavaJe CEO Bob Gilkes said both moves would save the company's customers time and money. SavaJe has yet to announce customers but names are expected this year and knowing the building blocks they choose are optimised for a particular OS could prove useful to phone development.

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