Sawhney: without design, U.S. manufacturing stuck in neutral

Without support for design, the resurgence of U.S. manufacturing -- and international competitiveness -- will be handicapped, RKS Design founder Ravi Sawhney writes.

The U.S. needs to establish a better environment for production and creation, and design must play a key role.

That's according to RKS Design founder and CEO Ravi Sawhney, who writes at Fast Company's Co.Design this week that the resurgence of manufacturing in America will only arrive if design is part of the picture.

He writes:

Based on my experience judging global competitions, I’d say that design, especially industrial design, in the United States is at an all-time high...I believe that if we are to enter into this new modern age of creation, we must be willing to make investments in the enabling technologies within and outside the sphere of manufacturing.

As U.S. consumers increasingly demand quality over quantity, design will facilitate that shift -- but governmental support at the federal and local levels is needed to support, and more importantly prioritize, corporate innovation in the private sector.

U.S. Innovation Can't Stay On Top Without Smart Government [Co.Design]

Photo: KOR Water/RKS Design

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