Say it ain't so! My kid is waiting for a Verizon iPhone!

How many other Millennials are waiting for a Verizon iPhone? What else will Android carriers and manufacturers need to do to break through the iPhone brand besides give their phones away?

I shouldn't be surprised. This is the same kid who ended up hating Linux. He's in college now, though, and is looking to stay better connected to all those things with which the average 18-year old college student likes to stay connected. It's time for a smartphone.

He's due for an upgrade anyway and I was hoping to sneak in a new contract with Verizon before they dumped their unlimited data plan (or made it just too expensive for me to rationalize). Verizon has cheap Android phones available, so what better way to introduce him to the land of smartphones than with a nice little LG?

Here's how the conversation went when I suggested he upgrade to one of the baby Androids:

Unfortunately, it's hard to argue with him. My Droid Incredible is a great phone and the web browsing experience is top notch. And since I basically live in Gmail, a web browser, and Pandora, it suits my needs perfectly.

My son, on the other hand, like 95% of his peers, is all about his music and social media connections. He's far more vested in the Mac ecosystem than I am and has no desire to be clever or savvy with his devices. He simply expects them to work. He's a film major, too, and obviously wants to be able to take his creations with him easily. The Mac/iPhone combination certainly delivers on those requirements without any fuss in a device that has become mainstream among his friends.

The iPhone is a great device waiting for a better network. I guess this is going to be a one-Droid family for now. My 8-year old asked me to install iTunes on his PC last night, too. I'm still holding out hope for my daughter who like my Droid better than her brother's iPod Touch.