Schneider Electric Introduces first DCIM solution incorporating the Intel Virtual Gateway

Schneider grows their DCIM reach

Last month I let you know about the Intel Virtual Gateway SDK that had been released to allow developers to integrate in and out of bandwidth KVM capabilities into their management applications. Well it didn’t take long for management vendors to begin to take advantage of the technology and this week Schneider Electric added the IVG abilities to their StruxureWare for Data Center suite.

Adding this module to their Operation suite has given the DCIM solution the ability to provide full server lifecycle access and power cycling capabilities; more than just a virtual keyboard and mouse interface StruxureWare for Data Centers breaks the DCIM package down into three separate areas, Operations, Control, and Integration. Their enterprise product includes a portal and a resource advisor, as well.

Called Data Center Operation: Server Access the new module provides in and out of band management, power cycling, location visibility, one to many device control, client access via RDP, SSH, and VNC, multi-vendor support, and of course, KVM via software to the supported devices. Schneider Electric expects implementing this software solution to reduce technology costs by up to 50%. The product beings shipping  next Friday.