Scientists produce "stress-free" mouse

A new gadget to reduce stress?Scientists at Loughborough University have developed what they describe as a "revolutionary" new type of mouse which, they claim, can reduce stress.
Written by Will Knight, Contributor

The mouse looks ordinary enough, but the exterior conceals a super-sensitive internal mechanism that can pick up, for example, how hard the buttons are being pressed. According to the researchers, this is a good indicator of how stressed the user is.

"The new mouse, coupled with software able to adapt a computer's behaviour, could help to reduce the user's stress level," said design team member Michael Macauley. "For example, if the mouse button is being clicked excessively hard, the computer could alert the user with a bleep, display a warning or offer various types of online help."

The mouse can be mass-produced relatively cheaply, say the scientists, who are currently looking for a manufacturer to team up with.

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