Scosche strikeLine and strikeDrive Lightning cables for Apple iPhone: Review

Apple provides a few Lightning cables, but doesn't have retractable or vehicle solutions. Scocshe makes high-quality, functional cables for Apple device owners with Lightning ports.

I like my iPhone 5 on Verizon, and am a fan of the Lightning connector. It took a while to find Lightning cables available from Apple, and now there are alternatives from third-party vendors, such as the strikeLine Pro and strikeDrive ones from Scosche.

Scosche strikeLine and strikeDRIVE Lightning cables for Apple products (review)
Image: Matthew Miller/ZDNet

StrikeLine Pro

In the past, I used quite a few retractable mini-USB cables to charge up my devices, and found the clean design convenient for taking along in a bag. The strikeLine Pro provides you with a 3-foot cable in a small form factor about 4 inches long when retracted.

Image: Matthew Miller/ZDNet

Unlike my old cables, this one has a thicker, more durable cable that gives me a sense that it will last for quite some time. There is a caution sticker on one side that reminds you to pull both ends of the cable at the same time when extending it out. While it extends out to 3 feet, you don't have to pull it all the way, so there is some flexibility in how you use the cable.

Image: Matthew Miller/ZDNet

One end is USB and the other has the Lightning connector that supports the iPhone 5, iPad, and iPod touch devices with Lightning ports. It is available now for $24.95. Apple's standard Lightning to USB cables are $19, so paying $5 more for a well-designed retractable one is worth it.

StrikeDrive 12W

I like to use my iPhone for navigation, and having the ability to charge up my devices in a vehicle is important to me. When I travel on business, I usually have a rental car and spend lots of time getting to different destinations. The strikeDrive 5W is a car charger accessory with a Lightning connector.

Image: Matthew Miller/ZDNet

While I tested out the 5W model to charge my iPhone 5, there is also a 12W model that provides more wattage to charge up your iPad and every other Lightning device. The 5W model does charge up the iPad mini at a slightly reduced rate.

The coiled cable is 3 feet long, but retracts to a length that works well in your vehicle. I like the low-profile end that plugs into your vehicle charging port as it gives a cleaner look to the arrangement in your vehicle.

Image: Matthew Miller/ZDNet

The strikeDrive 5W is available now for $24.95. Another option for your car is to purchase its reVolt c2 USB vehicle adapter with a cable like the strikeLine pro.

These two Scosche Lightning cable solutions are well designed and constructed to last. Apple doesn't make a retractable cable or a car charger with a Lightning connector, and these are great options for Apple mobile device owners.

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