Screen resolutions - is 800x600 dead?

Is 1024x768 the new 800x600?

Time for a quick poll ...

Almost all the web data I have access to (both for my own sites and others) seems to indicate that the 800x600 screen resolution is dead and that 1024x768 is the new 800x600.  However, when I talk to web developers they continue to preach to me of the importance of designing sites so that they fit into 800x600.  The argument is that while screen resolutions might have increased, people don't surf the web with their browsers maximized.  Makes sense ...

Anyway, I'm interested in screen resolutions ... let me know what you are using.  I'm running a dual-monitor setup with both at 1200x1024.  I did experiment with going to 1600x1200 but I found the lower resolution more comfortable.

[poll id=160]


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