Seagate intros Kinetic HDD as legacy infrastructure replacement

Arguing that cloud storage models as we know them are "broken," Seagate is plugging away at its Kinetic Open Storage platform with a new HDD option.

Seagate has unveiled a new Kinetic hard disk drive option aiming to replace legacy systems through the marriage of open source object storage protocol with Ethernet connectivity.

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The Kinetic HDD is the first product that builds upon the hardware maker's Kinetic Open Storage platform.

First introduced last year , the platform is designed specifically for the elimination of a dedicated storage tier, replacing it with Ethernet attached storage hardware to permit applications to write to it directly.

Seagate boasted at the time that the deployment of Kinetic Open Storage could reduce total cost of ownership rates by up to 50 percent.

The Cupertino, Calif.-based business promised on Monday that the Kinetic HDD would simplify cloud storage architectures specifically through the aforementioned elimination of the overhead tied to an entire storage server tier. Simultaneously that should help out with reducing TCO rates.

The 4TB Kinetic HDD model is available for customer qualification testing now. Seagate expects production-level drives to begin shipping by the end of November.