Seagate makes seasonal warranty move

As the Christmas lights go up, so do warranties on Maxtor hard drives

Ring those festive bells, the spirit of the season of goodwill has hit early as Seagate announced it is to extend the warranty on Maxtor internal hard drives to consumers from one to three years.

Wednesday's announcement covered all internal hard drive retail kit and is effective immediately, the company said. It also covers all consumer drives that were purchased for consumer purposes or entered the retail channel after 1 October this year.

For those consumers managing to work happily with relatively small drives, around 30 to 60GB, Seagate took the opportunity provided by the warranty announcement to remind those considering upgrading to Microsoft Vista that the OS would swallow 10GB of hard disk space before it did anything.

A 500GB Maxtor hard disk drive can cost from £142 including VAT. The 500GB drive is the largest capacity Maxtor-branded drive sold by Seagate.