Seagate pushes bar up again with 'world's fastest' enterprise hard drive

Seagate trots out the hyperbole once again for its latest enterprise hard drive.


Just over a month after commencing shipments for what it touted as its thinnest hard drive yet , Seagate is at it again with the hyperbole.

This time, the Cupertino, Calif.-based company is going one bigger by declaring its latest product as the fastest hard drive in the entire world.

Say hello to the Seagate Enterprise Turbo SSHD.

That abbreviation stands for "solid state hybrid drive," which the storage giant also touts as an industry-first, comprised of a hard drive and solid-state flash technology. Together, the hardware is designed to tackle mission critical data.

Supporting up to 600GB of capacity, the SSHD system is supposed to deliver up to three times better random performance over standard 15K-RPM drives and twice the input/output performance than a standard 600GB 10K-RPM hard disk drive.

Seagate's Enterprise Turbo SSHD is shipping worldwide now.

Image via Seagate