Seagate revamps backup solution to include hybrid cloud data protection

The former eVault product line has been updated with a focus on performance and scalability.

In its first major announcement since rolling the eVault product line back under the Seagate name, Seagate Technology, the company revealed that new and updated versions of its hybrid cloud data protection suite will be available at the end of August, directly from Seagate, its VARs, and its managed service providers.

The Seagate product line consists of four general purpose product categories: Cloud Backup and Recovery and Archiving, Cloud Resiliency Services, Seagate Storage Cloud, and Data Protection Appliances. There are also two product specific services: Disaster Recovery for NetApp, and Seagate Backup Services for Microsoft Azure. The products that have been updated and added to the portfolio include Seagate Backup and Recovery Software1, Seagate Cloud Backup and Recovery Services2, Seagate Backup and Recovery Private Cloud, and Seagate Data Management Services. The focus of these updated products is to give SMB customers the same types of services and levels of scalability available for full-blown enterprise-level businesses.


The Backup and Recovery products have been upgraded to permit a 400% increase in performance over the previous versions. They are now capable of handling up to 6TB of compressed data per hour. The highly scalable Backup and Recovery Private cloud, an on premise hardware solution, can scale up to 1 petabyte of Tier 1 storage in two racks, and 2 petabytes in a single rack of Tier 2 storage. Additional racks can be added to allow for any reasonable scale out needs to be met for quite some time.