Seagate supersizes storage for mobiles

Credit card-sized accessory is able to store, play and share digital files on mobile phones and other wireless-enabled devices, says hard-drive maker.
Written by Farihan Bahrin, Contributor

Seagate said it has found a way to supersize the storage capacity on mobile devices without adversely impacting their size and cost.

Seagate's new card-sized storage product aka DAVE

In a press release Thursday, the hard-drive maker unveiled a credit card-sized storage platform that uses wireless technology to back up and stream data from other wireless-enabled mobile devices such as cell phones.

Called Digital Audio Video Experience (or DAVE), the technology uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to transmit and receive data between mobile devices. The 70g device also features a hard drive for storing data and is available in capacities of 10GB and 20GB. Based on Seagate's estimates, the 10GB DAVE model will hold the equivalent of about 2,500 MP3 songs, or 21 hours of video.

DAVE is based on an open API platform which, according to Seagate, gives software developers the opportunity to create new applications that take advantage of the product's features.

The technology has several functional uses, Seagate said. For example, products using DAVE technology will enable digital content such as mobile phone contacts as well as audio and media files, to be shared, stored and archived.

The device is powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery which is capable of delivering up to 10 hours of media-streaming performance and up to 14 days of standby power, Seagate claimed.

According to the hard-drive maker, it plans to promote the technology by pushing it to telcos and mobile handset OEMs for sale under their respective brand names.

Pricing and shipment dates for the product were unavailable at press time.

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