Seagate: We're no longer just a hard drive maker

Known widely as a hard drive manufacturer, Seagate has embarked on a branding campaign including a logo change to champion itself as a full-suite storage vendor.

Seagate wants the world to know it is no longer just a hard drive manufacturer, having bought several companies over the past few years to acquire capabilities across the storage stack.

The vendor now has capabilities that go beyond hard drives and is looking to demonstrate them as part of a global branding campaign. Speaking to reporters in Singapore, BS Teh, Seagate's senior vice president of sales, acknowledged that the company is still widely perceived as just a hard drive manufacturer, but it has made several acquisitions to extend its storage capabilities.

These include EVault, which provides cloud storage technology and more than 43,000 cloud customers, as well as Xyratex, which makes storage test equipment and systems and had itself spun off from IBM two decades ago.

Seagate's current offerings now include hard drives, solid-state hybrid drives, SSDs, external storage products, recovery services, cloud services, and fully integrated cloud systems, Teh said. "We are moving from being a device company selling just hard drives to a complete storage company offering different types of storage capabilities and consulting services," he said.

To spread the message about its broader portfolio, the vendor launched a rebranding campaign that included a new corporate logo, which was revealed at the Consumer Electronics Show earlier this month.

Despite the brand refresh, Teh stressed that the company's core business is still very much about hard drives. "That's what the company was founded on, it will continue to be the core of our business...and the bulk of our revenue will still be from hard drives," he said, adding that Seagate has shipped more than 2 billion hard drives.