Search for and view Google Videos on your mobile device

As higher capacity storage cards and faster data networks continue to make their way onto mobile devices the ability to view media content becomes easier and easier. You can now watch Google Video content on many mobile devices with a compatible player and a good connection.
Written by Matthew Miller, Contributing Writer
Google Video
Lots of people watch Google Video and YouTube video content from their Macs or PCs. As a mobile device user I have been wanting to watch content on my mobile when I happen to have a fast connection and a bit of downtime. Unfortunately, there hasn't been a way to do that until now. Scott Robbin has come up with a way to watch AVI or MP4 files on your mobile with his Mobile Video search content tool. After enter a search term a list of videos will appear with a hyperlink to download an AVI or MP4 file to your phone's storage card or internal memory. Scott has limited these mobile search results to videos of under 4 minutes due to the large file size of videos longer than this and the limited bandwidth and storage capacity of most mobile phones. For all the details on how he extracts the AVI file from the Google Video Player URL, check out his 18 October post.

You will need an AVI player on your mobile phone unless it plays MP4 files (I think most Nokia smartphones support this format) and one good solution is The Core Pocket Media Player. While this functionality may not be that practical, for us mobile device enthusiasts it is a cool way to show off the media capabilities and have a bit of fun during the day. Thanks to Mobility Site for the link.

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