SecureWave makes proactive security claims

Security software company has updated its Sanctuary product aimed at protecting networks from unauthorised devices and applications

SecureWave has announced Sanctuary 4.2, the latest version of its software designed to monitor and manage devices and applications on the edge of company networks.

The software allows devices such as USB keys, and applications that are downloaded or attached to corporate PCs, laptops and servers, to be centrally managed and monitored. The system checks any new additions to the network against an authorised "whitelist" and locks out any devices that don't conform to this, the company claims.

Dennis Szerszen, senior vice president at SecureWave, claimed that Sanctuary 4.2 is the only security product to provide proactive protection for a variety of attacks on the edge of company networks.

"Enterprises that rely solely on reactive solutions — including antivirus and anti-spyware — are vulnerable to today's exceedingly sophisticated and volatile malware. Reactive solutions also cannot detect or monitor the myriad of portable devices being used in the enterprise, exposing proprietary information to potential loss or theft," said Szerszen.

Sanctuary 4.2 can automatically generate reports for application and device activity and any attempts at unauthorised use, the company claims.