Security, identity merger would secure Internet, Ping CEO says

Merger is where "magic happens," Durand tells crowd at Cloud Identity Summit

Security and identity are not separate conversations and the industry needs to pull the two worlds together in order to secure the Internet, Ping Identity CEO Andre Durand said during his opening keynote Monday at the Cloud Identity Summit in La Jolla, Calif.

Durand said both disciplines want the same thing, "they want security utopia." He told the audience of nearly 700 that to get to this conclusion security will eventually be defined around identity. The annual conference of identity experts runs through Thursday.

"Traditional security is waking up to identity," Durand said. Security experts realize that the places they want to garner intelligence or instigate controls to enable security all require the notion of identity, he said. "Security no longer has a natural choke point because all the assets have been spread all over the Internet."

Durand noted that there are now more people on the Internet than there were on the planet in 1960.

The confluence of security and identity, "that is where magic happens," Durand said. "How do I protect? Where is my border? How do I enable? Where is my identity? I see those things coming together."

Durand spoke about borderless identity, but he said the idea is not to get rid of borders, but to create a world were identity is borderless and can permeate all borders.

He said some bad assumptions by early Internet architects have helped knock the global network off-balance, including beliefs that you could control who had access to the Internet and that Internet users would not attack each other.

Durand, however, admitted that identity right now is not where it needs to be to protect users. "We are in a race now to get this right. And there is a lot of collaboration that has to happen."

He said the sky is the limit to invent a better authentication mechanism that includes a better user experience. And he said trust has to be given in micro-measurements. "With automation, we can get to the notion of micro-trust. Trust is a subscription."

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