Security firm creates cybercrime unit

Threat Lab will attempt to foil computer crime before it happens

Computer security firm Content Technologies is to create a new crime-fighting laboratory at its UK headquarters dedicated to scouring the Internet for new forms of electronic deviance and mischief.

The new Threat Lab will search for new developments in hacking, virus writing and the distribution of "malicious or obscene content" in an attempt to predict the activities of computer outlaws.

Specially trained operatives at Threat Lab will comb the most unsavoury Web sites, newsgroups and mailing lists in the whole of cyberspace in order to protect against electronic misbehaviour.

Alyn Hockney research and development manager at Content Technologies believes this new laboratory will prove vital in what he sees as an ongoing war against hackers. He says, "Understanding and pre-empting content security threats has always been a key part of our research and development strategy. Having a dedicated resource means that we can now provide our customers and partners with even greater knowledge of threats, and the methods for overcoming them."

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