Security hampers e-business

Survey finds that almost half of UK blue chip companies find security an obstacle

Fears of computer hacking are breeding restrictive computer security measures and stopping companies from conducting business online, according to a report released by security company Evidian Wednesday.

Evidian conducted a survey of 40 blue chip companies in the UK and discovered that 40 percent see security as the biggest obstacle to carrying out business online.

The research discovered that Web site downtime, failed Net connections, complicated Web design and poor customer service were other irritations, but security topped the list of annoyances.

"Many companies have put in more security in the last five years, due to the awareness that virtual theft is on the increase," said Mark Hutchinson, regional director for northern Europe at Evidian, in a statement. "But then people tend to go overboard and implement too many systems, making it harder for business users, as well as the hacker."

Evidian recommends a greater balance between security and usability. "There needs to be a balanced view of security needs across the organisation. What should really be considered are separate zones of confidence. Not all users require the same security."

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