Sega adds DVD to Dreamcast

In theory, throwing in a multi-region DVD player balances the differences between PS2 and Dreamcast, but will it work?

Plans to bundle the Dreamcast games console with a multi-region DVD player have been announced by Sega Europe as it readies for the Christmas campaign against Sony.

Consumers will now be faced with almost identical specifications for Sega's Dreamcast and Sony's Playstation 2, both with a £299 price tag.

And Sega's move may hurt Sony which is struggling to meet worldwide demand for the PS2. This is "prime time" for Sega according to a company spokesman as the company attempts to capitalise on Sony's woes.

"There's a shortage of PS2 stock this period and the Dreamcast, complete with DVD player and DVD tokens is available now."

The spokesman confirmed that Sega would have enough Dreamcasts available to cope with demand during the Christmas period.

Sony was not available for comment.

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