Sega announces Dreamcast price cut

Console gets new bargain price - pick one up for under £100

Sega Europe has just announced that Dreamcast consoles will now retail for under £100.

As of now customers can pick up a Sega Dreamcast for only £99.99. Sega has over 30 titles planned for release this year. The announcement made by Sega Europe today follows an announcement last month that Sega would cease production of the console in its current form in March.

Commenting on the decision to cut the price of the Dreamcast, Kazatoshi Miyake, chief operating officer of Sega Europe, said: "The new £99 price point for Dreamcast is a great buy for the gaming public. Our software schedule for the next year also maintains Sega's position as the world's finest developer and confirms our status as the most consistent and innovative content provider in the gaming world."

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