Sega creates new breed of robotic dog

Another AIBO? Sega aims for the low-end robo-pooch market with 13-ounce, $28 Poo-Chi

Japanese electronics giant Sega has launched a direct challenge to Sony's position as the premier supplier of robotic dogs to with the creation of its own brand of computerised canine.

The quaintly named Poo-Chi robot from Sega will scrap it out with Sony's AIBO robot dog for the affections of robot animal lovers worldwide.

The AIBO, launched by Sony on 1 April, 1999, was aimed mainly at the well-off gadget freak retailing for the princely sum of $2,500 (£1,550). The Poo-Chi is much more modestly priced at just $28 making it an ideal replacement for anyone tired with a boring old organic dog.

Poo-Chi is naturally, however, a far "simpler" design according to Sega. It responds to external stimuli such as sound and light but its "moods" are represented by shapes appearing on a small visor on the robot's face.

This battery controlled brute is available in blue, pink or green plastic. It is 7-inches long and weighs just 13 ounces.

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