Sega responds to Dreamcast rumours

Official statement released - Dreamcast production to continue

Sega has issued an official statement following the recent rumours that it will be ceasing the production of Dreamcast consoles in March.

In the statement made late last night, Sega confirms that it is "planning to reform the worldwide production, sales and distribution system for Dreamcast".

"[Although] sales of Dreamcast will continue, Sega will be focusing on the software business," the statement said. The Dreamcast will continue to be supported as a platform and Sega was quick to point out that there are over 100 titles, including those from third parties, due for release in 2001.

The Dreamcast won't be the only console that Sega has an interest in though: "As we have previously announced, Sega is in negotiation regarding the supply of our software to other gaming units including PlayStation2 and Game Boy Advance. As for our multi-platform strategy, we are now aggresively progressing the use of Dreamcast architecture in set-top boxes and other home electronics devices."

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