Select seven to hold 'Internet reboot' keys

The fate of the Internet's future rests in the hands of seven people. Or five, whichever way you want to look at it.

Seven people across the world will hold a keycard, which, when put together will reboot the key part of the World Wide Web.

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It sounds like something out of a spy thriller movie or an episode of South Park, but this safeguarding measure is to ensure the Internet can be restarted in the event of natural or man-made disaster.

Out of these seven, only five are needed to come together at a secure location in the U.S. to put together the DNSSEC root key from the fractioned code. This enables the resetting and restarting of the service. DNSSEC is a new Internet security system, run by ICANN which protects users from online fraud and cyber-attacks.

As Popular Science points out, even though the "Internet kill switch" that was rumored earlier this year may not be wholly accurate, to know that there is a group of select people in this world with physical keys to the World Wide Web is surprising, but cool.

"Honey, I killed the Internet..."

(via Community DNS)