Sensing the city: mapping London

Mapping experts from University College London have visualized every single one of the 114,000 bus routes that take place in London every day.

Cartography experts Joan Serras and James Cheshire, both of the University College London’s Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis (CASA), have mapped every single one of London’s 114,000 daily bus routes, the Guardian reports.

The map above, which can be seen in full size at, shows the exact route of every daily bus route, including all stops.

The thick, red lines represents the busier routes, while the thin yellow strands represent the more quiet routes. The routes that are not being used are not visible on the map.

This image above shows a large-scale view of bus travels in Aldwych. The map demonstrated the impressive coverage of London’s bus network and how integral it is to London’s transport infrastructure.

Timetable data from over 22,000 London bus stops was used to create this map. The image below gives you the sense of the complexity of the bus routs as each dot is a bus stop.

The graphics produced used data from the National Public Transport Data Repository and Digimap’s Integrated Transport Network layer.

[Via the Guardian]

Photo courtesy by Joan Serras and James Cheshire, UCL Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis

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