Sensory brings mobile device security through combined voice and face detection

Need two-factor, biometric authentication for apps and data on mobile devices? Sensory's TrulySecure was just certified by the FIDO Alliance as safe and secure.

Need to keep data away from prying eyes on your smartphone or tablet? Sensory wants to help. The company announced on Thursday that its TrulySecure biometric authentication method combining both voice and facial recognition is certified by the Fast Identification Online, or FIDO, Alliance.


Instead of relying on just one or the other biometric checks, TrulySecure can work in tandem with both. A device's camera is used to verify your visual identity while your spoken word -- saying a previously captured unlock command -- is used to unlock an app.

Sensory says you can choose to rely on one or the other biometric authentication measures for apps that don't require more robust security. Or you can beef things up by requiring both actions to open a single app.

Here's a look at how the software works when paired with mobile apps:

The choice to use a single authentication factor is useful for faster access to apps and data. And the nice part is that it can be left up to the user. Of course, when you need two-factor authentication, TrulySecure provides that option as well.

Sensory says its security software is smart enough to detect the difference between a picture of someone compared to the actual person in front of the device camera; important since it can be easy to snap a pic of someone as a security workaround.

All of the authentication data is kept locally on the device as well, so there's no cloud component required; handy for when you need access to apps and data but don't have a connection.

A beta release of Sensory's app is available for free at the Google Play Store.