Service offers Net feeds over standard mobile

Red Message turns Web sites into text messages

A new service has been created offering free Web site updates on ordinary mobile phones in the form of text messages.

This will especially appeal to those who want Web site updates on their mobile phones but aren't yet ready to take the plunge with a pricey WAP device.

Red Message offers news and information feeds for conventional GSM mobile phones provided that they are capable of accepting text messages, a standard feature on most phones. Although the list of feeds is currently relatively short, Red Message anticipates gaining more partners soon. The company could also inspire other similar services.

Founder and marketing director of Red Message, Steven Yurich says, "There is a clear market demand and we are in negotiations with a number of big name companies."

Yurich also says that Red Message's text messaging services will in the future be complimented by mobile technologies such as WAP. He adds, "Mobile data services will in the future incorporate voice, text and browsing. We will offer all these to our partners once they have been adopted by consumers."

Feeds from Reed Recruitment, and other services are currently available from Red Message.

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