ServiceNow acquires Neebula Systems for $100 million

The Israeli startup's flagship product ServiceWatch will become a centerpiece of ServiceNow's IT strategy.

The enterprise cloud management platform ServiceNow announced it has agreed to acquire the Israeli startup Neebula Systems in a $100 million cash deal that the company said will significantly expand its Operations Management portfolio.  

Neebula's flagship product, ServiceWatch, automates the discovery, mapping, and monitoring of IT-enabled enterprise services. Put simply, it allows a company to discover what kinds of systems and software are running in their IT environment, a preemptive step toward streamlining business processes. 

Adding ServiceWatch to other ServiceNow IT Operations Management products, such as Event Management, Orchestration and Discovery, will allow ServiceNow to augment and boost the overall capabilities of its IT offerings, the company said.

Frank Slootman, president and chief executive officer of ServiceNow, said ServiceWatch will become a centerpiece of its IT strategy:

It is a fundamental transformation from decades of component-centric management to one that puts the service portfolio front and center. It provides further validation that the future of systems management will be shaped through a business service lens, which can only be achieved through a single, integrated service model and workflow.

This is the second acquisition for ServiceNow, following last year's deal to buy the IT cloud management and analytics company Mirror42. The acquisition news follows up ServiceNow's announcement Tuesday that it added two new members to its board of directors: Susan Bostrom, a former CMO at Cisco Systems, and Anita Sands, a former COO of UBS.