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Adult entertainment's share of mobile content is down. Could this be the demise of Topless Woman on Wireless Phone?

"These online basketball games are killing our business!"

Global mobile content revenue will surge by over 50 percent to $65 billion by 2016, according to market research firm Juniper Research.

No great surprise there - people are willing to pay for all sorts of entertainment and information, even in a world of free apps.

But there's something missing in Juniper's headline figure: the phrase "adult content."

It used to be a dirty little secret that writhing phone screens were driving the uptake of cellular amusement. And Juniper, based in Basingstoke, England, has over the years exposed the popularity of pocket porn.

However, Juniper makes no reference to "adult" content in a press release (web link not yet available) announcing its new report Mobile Content Business Models. It simply says that the growth from about $40 billion this year to $65 billion in 2016 will come from "game, video and ebook purchases via tablet devices." It seems the medium is the message, as larger screens on tablets encourage more fun and games.

Wait a minute. What kind of games, videos and ebooks? I've sent Juniper an email to clarify.

Whatever their answer is, I don't expect a total demise of the Topless Woman on Wireless Phone. A year ago, Juniper forecast that mobile adult subscriptions would reach $1 billion by 2015. Compared to 2016's $65 billion for all content, that's a tiny slice of the pie. I guess men would rather pay for sports and stock prices.

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