Sex email rebounds on city banker

The dangers of sending sensitive personal information by email are vividly exhibited once again

A city banker has been suspended from work after an email he wrote describing his sexual exploits was forwarded around the world.

In an echo of the infamous "Claire Swire" email of 2000, 22-year old Trevor Luxton emailed five friends on Wednesday 2 October to describe how a friend's ex-girlfriend had performed a sex act on him the night before.

Even though the act did not take place in the Oval Office, Luxton still felt it worth sharing with a few close friends. In his email, he related how he had talked to his girlfriend on the phone during the incident, and signed off with "am I the worst boyfriend in the world or what?"

Unfortunately for Luxton, one of his five friends forwarded on the original email, and many of those who received it decided to follow suit. Hundreds of thousands of people have now been sent Luxton's missive, including employees at HSBC, Emap, the Bank of England, Bloomberg, Barclays, KPMG, Capital Management Group, the Football Association and the Daily Telegraph.

Luxton has now been suspended on full pay by his employer, Credit Lyonnais, while they investigate whether he has violated their email policy.

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