Sex-game death streamed in Net chatroom

Webcam broadcasts accidental hanging in cybersession

The horrific death of a man engaged in a bizarre sex game was broadcast live on the Internet, an inquest heard on Thursday.

Tony Rogerson, 45, from North Wales, suffocated after tying a dog lead around his neck, and streaming live video footage of him naked in a cybersex session.

Calling himself Tony Skin, Rogerson had been chatting to a stranger named "Guy 27". Moments before his death he typed out the message: "If you want to see me hang say yes."

Coroner Robert Price recorded a verdict of accidental death.

Rogerson's body was found by his 14-year-old son with the lead around his neck, hanging from a beam in his bedroom. "He had been carrying out an act to cause sexual gratification that went horribly wrong," the coroner told the hearing.

Computer expert, detective constable Kevin Jones, told the inquest that Rogerson had died in a video "Net meeting".

British courts have been flooded with cases dealing with Internet chatroom dangers in recent weeks. On Thursday, a 45-year-old man admitted to raping a 14-year-old girl that he met in an Internet chatroom. Last week, an Oxford University scholar was found guilty of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old boy that he met in a gay Internet chatroom.

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