Sex Tech: Bitcoin, Louis Theroux, booth babe life, eHarmony password scandal

Louis Theroux goes anti-porn for ISP filters, Groupon self-censors over adult, eHarmony's LinkedIn password breach, Girls Gone Wild go for Bitcoin and

At the intersection of sex and tech this week booth babes are pressured to be sexier, Louis Theroux sides with anti-porn pundits in favor of state-sponsored internet filters, eHarmony's password leak was a dry run for LinkedIn, and much more.

Dating site eHarmony was practice for LinkedIn

This past week's big scandal was most certainly the LinkedIn password leak.

The simultaneous, massive password leak at dating mega-site eHarmony was a bad situation as well.

On Thursday eHarmony admitted that its password database had been compromised and somewhere around 1.5 million passwords were exposed and out in the wild.

With no irony whatsoever, eHarmony characterized the 1.5 million passwords as a "small fraction" of its accounts.

According to The H security blog, the eHarmony passwords were put into a forum and users were invited to crack the hashes as a warmup to giving the forum LinkedIn's password database.

They add,

(...) although eHarmony implores its users to use strong passwords including both upper and lower case letters, it saves the passwords in all upper case, thereby weakening its already weak security further.

Bitcoin still around: shows some people still pay for porn

The peer-to-peer cryptocurrency Bitcoin was predicted to be somewhat of a passing fad, with its instability and numerous transaction attacks making it seem - from the outside - like something too turbulent to last.

Not so: Ars Technica took a second look at Bitcoin this week and finds that innovation and entreprenurialism is furthering Bitcoin's evolution.

Especially when it comes to amateur porn, as seen in examples such as the Reddit subforum "Girls Gone Bitcoin."

Booth babe life: not getting better

Lots of people have assumptions about booth babes - IT World decided to take a minute to ask women in the booth babe profession what their work is like.

Much is what you'd expect.

But along with the long hours of standing in heels for around $160 a day, the women working the Computex show in Taiwan are not liking the ways companies that hire them seem to be increasing their disrespectful sexualization of the women, and what at least one woman has noticed as a trend toward wanting the models to show ever more skin.

Documentarian sides with anti-porn pundits in favor of UK internet filters

Louis Theroux is well-known and respected British documentarian known for his unbiased point of view and fearless exploration of dangerous and difficult subjects.

But now that the esteemed investigator is a father, he's become a self-described Puritan.

In this new context, Theroux has now gone on record supporting the UK’s proposed “great firewall” - the controversial mandatory filter that would censor the UK’s internet by default to “protect the children.”

This, he says, is because Theroux says he can’t be bothered to work porn filters for his own kids.

Groupon bows to pressure from Morality In Media

Groupon came under fire from "family" organization Morality In Media for running localized specials on adults-only fare, such as a San Francisco tour of a historical building that houses a porn studio.

Many hoped Groupon would stand its ground and stick to business.

However, Groupon has confirmed to Business Insider, “we aren’t currently accepting new adult merchants,” although those types of businesses are being constantly evaluated at a local level. has obscene content - but no porn

PETA’s new website using the “.xxx” domain may have porn stars on it, but the only obscene content on offer is graphic displays of animal distress.

Yes, you can see porn star Ron Jeremy in a video, but it’s a campy but heartfelt welcome to the site, not a skin flick.

And there are lots of scantily dressed PETA babes protesting animal cruelty and the use of fur. But the site is not what most folks looking for “.xxx” sites will expect, to be sure.