Sex Tech: gaming iTunes, PM's obscene in UK, OkCupid privacy, geek sex

A collection of notable new sex and technology news items. Covers innovation, legal issues, IP, privacy, controversies, business and more.

This week's installment of sex and tech includes a recent ruling in the UK that private texts can be "obscenity," a post about geek sexual fallacies that rings true, and audio of the SXSW 2012 panel on dating and privacy.

Proving that anyone can make "50 Shades" - or game iTunes

The author of Scam School (Brian Brushwood) and his podcast co-host Justin Young decided to make a prank version of 50 Shades with cutesy hipster references based on fan submissions.

Even though it is a joke in every way, it’s at the top of the iTunes charts.

Photobucket security hole can expose private photos

A 4chan user made an open call to deliver private photos from accounts on request by username - with the name of a hot girl, OP would provide photos marked as private.

While MSNBC puzzled over the process, most of us will be astonished not by the technique, but that it's a simple matter of accessing each photo's hotlink, and hitting the photo filenames on the head.

Photobucket should have really closed this hole a long time ago.

Meanwhile, 4chan users are apprised that they now have MSNBC newfriends.

Nest of pedos uncovered online

(Trigger warning for sexual abuse and assault survivors.)

A child pornography investigation, which began when a Massachusetts man sent a photo of a young Dutch boy to an undercover federal agent in Boston, led to the arrests of 43 men in seven countries and helped identify more than 140 child victims.

No word on whether or not webistes have been taken down or out of commission in any way in relation to the arrests.

Geek sex: some assumptions that lead to unhappy experiences

This is such a great post, and it illustrates some expectations in geek cirlces about the kind of sex geeks are expected to have - and how these expectations really mess things up.

Geeks also are prone to weird social thinking, some of it a reaction to the ungeeky mainstream, some of it their very own invention.

Here’s some common misconceptions that can f*ck up geek sex.


Online security and privacy in relation to OkCupid, and more

Audio from the SXSW Interactive 2012 panel on sex, dating and privacy online is now available.

The panel talks about what online daters face when deciding what kind of, and when to, reveal personal information to possible dates - and what kinds of information sharing about them (and in their profiles) is out of their control.

It also covers examples of privacy vulnerabilities on OkCuipd that many users shoud be aware of, but are not.

(Disclosure: I am on this panel.)

UK court wide ruling on prosecutable obscenity includes private messages

Private messages ruled illegal obscenity?

A ruling slipped out quietly by the Appeal Court (UK) earlier this year.

An important set of details lurked in the background while the substantive case to which the details applied came to court makes it plain: the act of publishing as defined within the Obscene Publications Act can take place with an audience of just one individual.


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