Sex Tech: ICANN and Dot-Sex, EA's LGBT Content, Kickstarter Censorship

EA is under fire for same-sex content in it games, ICANN is set to make more adult TLDs and a scary sextortion crime.

This week in sex and technology, it's crime, corruption, Electronic Arts and LGBT issues, plus Kickstarter censorship.

ICANN to open dot-floodgates, make dot-XXX barons even richer

Many saw ICANN's granting of dot-XXX as a move in the direction of meaningless TLDs and rewarding greedy domain barons.

With the news that ICANN is looking at approving dot-sex, dot-porn and dot-adult - and handing it to the owners of dot-XXX - these criticisms will hold more weight.

ICM registry, first in line applicant for sale and management of the extensions, promises that owners of dot-XXX domains will have legacy rights to buy the additional versions of their already registered dot-XXX domains.

Current dot-XXX holders are feeling the sting of their previously exclusive "sex domain" property being devalued with the new .TLDs, and no one is happy about it.

Sex crimes and cam sex

Horrible sex crimes involving digital perpetrators are not limited to young girls, as we found out this week. In a harrowing story of sextortion Ars Technica writes,

On February 26, a 14-year old boy in Oakland County, Michigan broke down into hysterics.

He told his brother that he had spent the week making sexually explicit videos with his computer’s webcam, and that he had done so to appease a blackmailer he had met online.

If he wasn’t able to convince a friend to have oral sex with him on camera the next day, he risked exposure by the blackmailer.

Electronic Arts stands by Mass Effect's gay and lesbian characters

Megagiant video game developer and distributor Electronic Arts (The Sims, etc.) is taking heat from right-wing Christian "family" groups over the inclusion of gay characters in the popular BioWare games “Mass Effect 3? and “Star Wars: The Old Republic.”

The American Decency Association, the Florida Family Association, and other groups have attacked EA and BioWare for including same-sex relationship options in their games and are calling for boycotts.

The groups also accused EA of “pandering to homosexual extremists.”

EA defended its inclusion of LGBT characters in its games and as for backing down, EA is having none of it.

EA's vice president of corporate communications stated in no uncertain terms that EA won't remove any same-sex content, and dismissed the groups' campaign as political agenda.

MPAA joins porn company in IP lawsuit

Given the history of porn and its willingness to copyright troll using the court systems beyond the point of reason, the news that a porn company has sided with the MPAA in a dispute will surprise no one.

In 2010, MyVidster, a social video bookmarking site, was sued by Flava Works, which considers itself to be the best source of gay erotica featuring black and latino men.

Now the case is pending before the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals.

According to Hollywood Reporter, "It has suddenly become one of the hottest cases on the docket, thanks to a ruling last year by a federal judge, an appeal, and submitted amicus briefs by the MPAA, Google, Facebook and others."

Kickstarter enforces decency standards, disallows porn doc

Kickstarter is making one documentary filmmaker feel like their were "kickstarted" this week when the popular crowdsource fundraising site rejected an adult documentary project.

Before you go thinking this was a "porn" flick, think again. The project is a film about the adult industry that isn't a sex or porno film in disguise.

It's especially confusing in light that Kickstarter allows sex-themed projects to seek funding on its site, with several educational and other adult documentaries currently on its pages.

“Staying Power: The Business and Value of the Adult Entertainment Industry" was rejected with vague language from Kickstarter, saying the project "did not meet the KickStarter Guidelines."

A search engine for porny Netflix perusers

I'm not exactly sure who goes to Netflix for porn, but in case this is you, then your filthy ship has come in. is a new search engine designed to find “the best porn on Netflix.”

Bateflix (Get it? I know, I know...) is designed to search Netflix’s DVD and streaming video libraries for titles that have sex and nudity.


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