Sex Tech: IsAnyoneUp, Robot Prostitutes, Dating Spreadsheet Disaster

Revenge porn site becomes anti-bullying site, a dating spreadsheet goes viral, UK's largest abortion provider hacked, Kink sues a tube site and more.

Sex and technology continues to be the intersection of controversial content, hacking, futuristic visions, online ethics conflicts, censorship and entrepreneurialism.

This week's installment of Sex Tech doesn't disappoint.

Web porn pioneer sues "porn tube" website for infringement has made a reputation as the most widely known and successful online porn purveyors, ruling the space long before the invention of tube video sites.

Now it looks like they've been having a problem with porn tube sites.

These YouTube style sites have proliferated the web, and as carbon-copy whitelabel skinned sites, they grab content from various sources to bring in traffic.

Kink has filed a multimillion-dollar copyright and trademark infringement suit against the operator of, a porn tube site that is alleged to have made available 75 Kink movies on its site.

Sex and the single man's dating spreadsheet

If you keep an Excel spreadsheet (or Google doc) on the ladies you've been dating, it stands to reason that sending, providing access or even sharing knowledge of its existence is going to bork your game.

One New York man's matter-of-fact dating spreadsheet has become the embarrassing subject of widespread online attention after he sent it to one of the women he was dating.

David Merkur's Excel spreadsheet details a few finer points of qualification with each and every lady he met on

It's not as saucy a read as if it had been an iTrick sex management system, but it's interesting nonetheless.

Hunter Moore's 'revenge porn' site now anti-bully resource

It's an unexpected, yet welcome, turn of events.

Hunter Moore made a name for himself by having a revenge porn website that celebrated its own bad intentions, and for being the proudest, loudest troll on the internet.

Two days ago, the once-proud revenge porn bully said in a letter published on BullyVille (the redirect for his now-defunct bullying site) that he sold IsAnyoneUp for an undisclosed sum to, a resource that helps targets of bullying online and off.

Moore's motives are in question by the wider internet community.

FOX News thinks sex ed for men is hot gay porn

A sexual health resource website is under attack from FOX News for receiving NIH funding.

Sexpulse provides accurate risk and safer sex information to men, focused on those that have sexual contact with other men - a practice that outside the gay male communities that is often the source of the riskiest behavior, as it often is hidden or seldom discussed safely.

The website has been characterized as "gay porn" by FOX news for its content advising men on how to understand risks and have safe sex.

The US National Institute of Health has come under severe and threatening accusations by the Traditional Values Coalition for funding Sexpulse, whose underlying mission is as an HIV-prevention website.

The site has made use of multimedia to engage viewers to show that same-sex activities carry health risks. Yet in its new plea to Congress to end funding of the site and HIV research, TVC claims that Sexpulse's innovative digital engagement strategy around same-sex sex ed and homoerotic porn are the same thing.

So if you're looking for gay porn, don't go on the advice of FOX News, for you will be sorely disappointed.

Robot prostitutes seen as sexwork solution

In their paper “Robots, men and sex tourism,” which appears in the current issue of the journal Futures, Ian Yeoman and Michelle Mars of the University of Wellington’s Victoria Management School explore how robotic prostitutes could provide a solution to many of the problems associated with the sex trade.

Namely, it might curb human sex trafficking and the spread of sexually transmitting infections.

Facebook's Leet Speak makes 'sandwich makers' back into females

On Facebook you can still change your default language option to “Leet Speak,” as well as “Pirate” and a plethora of other languages.

Up until a week ago Friday, the Leet Speak setting changed the gender on women’s profiles to “54ndw1ch m4k3r,” or “sandwich maker.”

The gender on men’s profiles remained “Male.”

As previously reported here, women were not pleased about this and Facebook - until now - ignored the outcry.

Porn startup consultants

A business consulting and management company for would-be pornographers launched this past week.

The new company Start My Porn Company (link may be NSFW) offers business strategy and management services.

It includes old-school recognizable porn-producing names such as Michael Ninn – said it’s offering an investment hedge against “the widely prognosticated financial collapse of mainstream corporations in the next five years.”

Along with consultation, the firm is offering an e-book called the “SMPC Porn Primer” that it said includes insight from porn professionals - though curiously, it's available for purchase via notoriously anti-porn payment processor PayPal, so it remains to be seen how familiar with the online landscape this new group is.

Pro-life hacker that identifies as Anonymous steals 10K+ pregnancy service records

Alleged anonymous member James Jeffery hacked into the British Pregnancy Advisory Service (BPAS) last month and stole 10,000 database records.

His motivation to strike the UK's largest abortion provider and 10,000 women that used its general health services was fueled by anger toward his sister for her choice to terminate her pregnancy.

He has now been sentenced to 32 months in jail.