Sex Tech: Transgender hackathon, Steubenville Anons, Prenda idiocy

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The first transgender hackathon, U.K. government orders Google to stop child porn on the Internet, an Anonymous member might get more jail time than rapists he outed, and much more.

Porn copyright trolls Prenda Law are likely torrent source of "stolen" porn

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You may want to sit down for this one. Because no one would have ever suspected Prenda Law of wrongdoing at any point in their porn copyright bittorrent-shakedown cases, except maybe everyone who has ever heard, read or said the words "Prenda Law."

People associated with notorious porn copyright lawsuit/shakedown trolls Prenda Law have been accused in California court of controlling companies that buy and/or create pornographic films and then suing people for copyright infringement when they download them on BitTorrent, but no one really knew how the films got onto BitTorrent in the first place.

Graham Syfert, a lawyer who has represented defendants in cases brought by Prenda, has long suspected that the firm had uploaded the films itself.

California close to making revenge porn illegal

A California bill that would criminalize "revenge porn" has passed the Senate Public Safety Committee and is on its way to a full vote within the coming weeks.

A lawmaker in California has introduced legislation intended to crack down on “revenge porn,” the practice of posting graphic images or video of a former romantic partner online without the subject’s consent.

The bill, which was written by California State Senator Anthony Cannella (R-Modesto), would make electronically distributing sexual pictures or video without the subject’s consent a misdemeanor, punishable by a $1,000 fine and/or up to a month in jail.

Anonymous member set to get more jail time than Steubenville rapists he outed

If convicted of hacking-related charges, the Anonymous member who deserves more credit than anyone for turning Steubenville into a national outrage could get more jail time than the rapists he went after.

In April, the FBI quietly raided the home of the hacker known as KYAnonymous in connection with his role in the Steubenville rape case.

Last week he spoke out for the first time about the raid, his true identity, and his motivations for pursuing the Steubenville rapists.

First Transgender hackathon seeks funding

A Bay Area entrepreneur is fundraising for the world's first transgender hackathon, TransH4CK: a 48-hour hackfest with a focus on hacking together apps, sites, products and solutions that address the needs, risks, issues and consumer interests of transgender communities.

The 48-hour hackathon is set for September 13-15 in Oakland, CA. Funds are being raised via GoFundMe.

TransH4CK is being organized and produced by Dr. Kortney Ryan Ziegler, who is building the capacity of Who We Know, "a social enterprise centered on economic empowerment for transgender people through entrepreneurship, with Trans*H4CK its first public event."

Personally, I'm excited to see what comes out of TransH4CK. After years of watching most Bay Area hackathons become little more than 'mechanical turks' for whichever company is hosting the hackathon, I think TransH4CK will be uniquely positioned to develop tech solutions to meet the needs of not only transgender communities, but solutions and products that could be used for other at-risk populations around the world.

Clueless David Cameron thinks Google controls internet, child porn

Prime minister David Cameron has ordered Google to ban child porn from the Internet.

Cameron said,

Internet companies and search engines make their living by trawling and categorising the Web. So I call on them to use their extraordinary technical abilities to do more to root out these disgusting images.

He said the U.K. government will convene a round-table meeting of "the major Internet companies" where it will demand that more be done.

Cameron's statements back Culture Secretary Maria Miller in specifically inviting Google and Facebook to meet with Miller and Claire Perry, Cameron's adviser, on preventing the sexualisation of children, on June 17th.

To the surprise of no one, Google has previously claimed in response to such demands that it isn't responsible for policing or controlling the Internet.

To my great disappointment, Cameron and Perry did not name the meeting Cameron, Miller and Perry's Meeting to Make Googe Not Find Things So Good.