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Proof may emerge that Prenda Law planted porn torrents, webcam sextortion hits The Today Show, virtual sex business focuses on the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset, and more.

Comcast letter said to confirm that Prenda, Steele planted porn torrents (Ars Technica)

Proof may emerge that notorious porn copyright lawyers Prenda Law planted its victims' porn torrents.

As many readers know, porn-trolling firm Prenda Law led the charge for suing and extorting many thousands of people over the course of several years for allegedly illegally downloading porn videos via BitTorrent.

A new document from Comcast appears to confirm widespread suspicions that it was Prenda front man lawyer John Steele who uploaded the very porn files his firm claimed were evidence of downloader wrongdoing.

If true, it would signal the final funeral march for the porn copyright trolling business model.

ThriXXX Integrates Oculus Rift Into 3D Chat (XBIZ; link NSFW)

Thanks to a sex-savvy developer, the Oculus Rift virtual reality headset is about to enter the business of P2P 3D sex.

Soon you may not want to leave your Oculus Rift headset where your roommates might use it when you're out of the house - the wearable virtual reality headset may be the gadget that finally brings VR sex to the commercial market.

Software developer ThriXXX (; NSFW) announced it has integrated the coveted Oculus Rift virtual reality headset into its in-development "Chathouse3D" product, slated for release this year.

The company's teaser trailer shows 3D animations of sexual situations as they would be seen through the Oculus Rift headset, either as participant or voyeur.

ThriXXX describes the software product as a peer-to-peer 3D chat client that lets adult-only users socialize in private virtual spaces, virtually hook up, and engage in multiplayer sexual role play fantasies while plugged into a game-like VR world.

How YouPorn Uses Redis: SFW Edition (ToGo)

ToGo interviewed Eric Pickup, the IT Lead at the Manwin group (the company behind sites like YouPorn, Brazzers and Pornhub) about their transition to using database solution Redis, why they made the switch, and how well it's working.

I Don’t Want or Need an App to Measure My Sex Life (Medium; Editor's Picks)

Sex writer and author Rachel Kramer Bussel challenges the idea of better sex with apps, and took iPhone app Spreadsheets to task.

Sex app developers that pitch their products at consumers seeking an improved sex life with applications that measure motion and moans may not like what Bussel has to say.

She specifically dissects Spreadsheets:

There’s a new iPhone app called Spreadsheets that, by measuring your movement and noise level in bed, will give you a readout of your sexual activity by the numbers (...)

A new project thinks 'Video Games Are Ready for Different Boobs(Animal NY)

Concerned that gamers and game designers are sending the wrong message about fantasy versus reality in regard to women's breasts, a woman has begun a project to create games that show women's breasts as unsexy.

Boob Jam plans to be a 48-hour coding event that will take place in the US in September, and aims to be an event where game designers will create video games that show the "unsexy reality" of having breasts (such as games about mammograms).

According to Boob Jam creator Jenn Frank, the idea is to "change the aesthetic away from women being nothing but boobs and sexual objects to thinking of them as active subjects."

Animal New York talked to Frank about her Boob Jam project. 

Webcam spying goes mainstream as Miss Teen USA describes hack (Ars Technica)

Most people in security culture are wise to the reasons why one would want to keep their in-monitor webcams covered when not in use - and many of us do as a routine, matter of fact.

But mainstream computing could use a little awareness raising: and last week that arrived when the new Miss Teen USA, Cassidy Wolf, was the victim of a "sextortion" plot where Remote Administration Tool (RAT) software was employed to snap (apparently nude) pictures of Wolf, and try to blackmail her with them.

The news hit the mainstream when she went on The Today Show and told millions of viewers,

I wasn't aware that somebody was watching me [on my webcam].

The light [on the camera] didn’t even go on, so I had no idea.

The FBI began an investigation, and has identified a suspect.