Sex Tech: virtual girlfriend evolution, FileSonic down, China's social media sex life

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In this Sex Tech installment, a cyberlocker sued by Big Porn disappears, a twist in virtual girlfriending gets Slate's panties in a bunch, Chinese citizens defy governmental online sex prohibition, and much more.

After accusations of porn infringement, FileSonic goes AWOL

Hong Kong based FileSonic has become the latest cyberlocker service to go offline.

The service used to be one of the most popular file-sharing sites, but had restricted its members' ability to access other's uploads after the Megaupload arrests.

It follows the closure of Oron, another file-sharing site. Both services were being sued by porn company Flava Works for alleged infringement, even though FileSonic (in particular) had disabled public filesharing months before the complaint was filed.

Touchable virtual Hatsune Miku touches a nerve


Hatsune Miku

The ASUS Xtion Pro motion sensor allows users to project an image of Japanese pop star Hatsune Miku into their lives and see her with video goggles.A “virtual girlfriend” augmented reality system recently caused a bit of a stir on blogs such as Slate.

A video circulating on YouTube as a demo of the technology shows the virtual avatar’s ability to respond to touch.

The renewed attention on an old topic - virtual girlfiends - has ignited discussion (albeit heternormative and omitting objectification of virtual boyfriends) about the language of the future of sex.

Even with China's online porn clampdowns, sexytime is rife on Twitter-like sites

China’s embrace of social media is fueling a sexual revolution the government can’t stifle.

Despite intense risks and repercussions Chinese citizens are using microblogs and GPS-based apps for adult entertainment purposes - and to learn about sexuality, talk about sex - and, yes, hook up.

Porn company readies to 'out' suspected German downloaders

Porn companies have no shame - when it comes to naming and shaming anyone they think has pirated their valuable content, that is.

German law firm Urmann that has been pursuing net pirates says it is going to begin naming some of those accused - after sending years of threatening shakedown letters to little avail.

Under German law, solicitors are allowed to publish the names of those accused by their clients.

With intent to humilaite the accused, Urmann plans to publish the names of individuals - today, September 1 - whose computers have been identified as having downloaded pornography.

Tumblr not suspending NSFW blogs

The world's finest newspaper TechCrunch reported that some blogs on Tumblr had been suspended and that the blogs had adult content, and this was a thing that got a headline.

However, Tumblr historically has had an erotica community it openly endorses, and a helpful 'erotica' index launched by Tumblr itself.

 Tumblr responded by telling TechCrunch that it wasn't a thing that was actually happening.

Let’s hope that TechCrunch never changes, because someone still has to make the spectre of Valleywag look good.