Shark tank bursts in Shanghai mall

Start 2013 with this fishy video. And in case it gets you pondering Chinese building standards, we included a bonus clip of a girl who falls 20 feet through collapsing sidewalk.
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In a departure from the normal disclaimer, three sharks were killed in the making of this film:

It happened at a Shanghai shopping center in December. Sixteen people were injured, and three of the tank's lemon sharks lost their lives when the aquarium gave way, according to the video provided by TelegraphTV via YouTube. The BBC adds that "dozens of turtles and smaller fish" also perished at the upscale Shanghai Orient mall.

If the fishy video has you pondering the state of Chinese building regulations, then stick with the theme by watching the clip below of a girl plunging a purported 6 meters (nearly 20 feet) through a sidewalk that gives way. It happened in Xi'an, one of China's emerging megacities. Amazingly, she seems to walk away unscathed after the fire brigade rescues her, thanks in large measure to the heroic actions of a passing cab driver:

Videos from TelegraphTV via YouTube.

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