Shark's mega-bite took China offline

Jaws' cousin blamed for cutting main trans-Pacific cable

A shark has been blamed for China's lost Internet connection last week when a bite was taken out of the main trans-Pacific network cable linking China to the US, according to reports.

The network outage created a massive access failure to overseas Web sites across China, with Hong Kong and Singapore also reporting reduced network speeds.

The severed fibre-optic cable was fixed by Thursday, and Internet access was restored after a trial connection. A Japanese ship, KDD Ocean Link, was sent to the point of the break to fix the cable.

China Telecom had been renting international satellites and other channels to redirect its traffic after the incident occurred on 9 February. This has helped to temporarily restore one third of the traffic, but most North American sites had remained entirely inaccessible.

The cable is jointly owned by 23 telecom companies.

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