Sharman clamps down on Kazaa Lite K++

The owner of Kazaa has taken action against a hacked version of the file-swapping software, threatening DMCA action against anyone hosting the download
Written by James Pearce, Contributor

Sharman Networks -- owner of popular peer-to-peer software Kazaa -- has succeeded in eliminating a hacked version of its software.

Kazaa Lite K++ was touted as a way to protect P2P users from "organisations such as the RIAA" invading their privacy, but also blocked features of the Kazaa software deemed as adware and spyware.

Sharman Networks, according to reports, has contacted the Internet service provider of every Web site that hosted Kazaa Lite K++ and threatened them with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act unless access to the modified software was removed. This follows a move earlier in the year when Sharman Networks used the same legislation to force Google to remove links to the modified version or face legal action.

Sharman Networks had its eye on Kazaa Lite as long ago as April last year.

Kazaa became the most downloaded peer-to-peer software earlier this year, and has been engaged in running legal battles with the Recording Industry Association of America.

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