Sharp's newest and biggest Aquos display measures at 70"

Sharp's latest Aquos 3DTV comes is a big screen with a price to match.

Sharp may have just rebooted the Elite brand, but the company has quickly moved on to new, literally bigger things.

It's latest effort is the 70" Aquos Quattron, a LED 3DTV that also happens to be the largest one Sharp sells.

While the size of the television probably speaks for itself, Sharp's Quad Pixel Technology throws something else into the mix--the color yellow. By adding yellow the RGB trifecta, Sharp says that the AQUOS will be able to display colors never before seen on TVs. Not that you'll probably ever really notice them, of course.

Also included with the display are Netflix, CinemaNow and VUDU, all of which can be accessed via the television's built-in Wi-Fi. (It also has an ethernet port.)

But with great size comes a great price. The television has an price tag of $4,799. So it's clearly not cheap. But boy is it big.