ShopWiki attracts $6.2 million in funding

ShopWiki receives $6.2 million in funding; interview with Kevin Ryan, CEO.


Last month I spoke with Kevin Ryan, CEO ShopWiki, as the Web 2.0 start-up prepared to introduce a new user-generated video feature. I discuss the ShopWiki story in: "DoubleClick veteran Kevin Ryan wants to pay you $50 for your video".

ShopWiki has received a $6.2 million round of private equity funding from Generation Partners.  In announcing the funding today, Ryan said:

Consumers who want to navigate the full online shopping landscape are quickly discovering ShopWiki, the only shopping search engine to offer products from more than 120,000 stores, innovative search features, and user-driven buying information all in one. We’ve already had a great response from users and are thrilled that Generation has joined our campaign to build the world’s most complete and consumer-friendly shopping search engine.

John Hawkins, Managing Partner of Generation Partners, will join ShopWiki’s Board of Directors. Hawkins commented on the ShopWiki funding:

ShopWiki has a great team, proven leadership and innovative technology. This is a company with a bright future.

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