Should I buy a PlayBook for $299?


RIM drops the price of it's beleaguered PlayBook to $299 (64GB, 32GB and 16GB models) ... should you buy one at this price?


Why? I can give you a list of reasons:
  • The PlayBook OS was never finished, still missing key features like an email client.
  • Apps will dry up ... and getting Android apps to work on the tablet is painful to say the least.
  • Think for $299 the PlayBook will make a decent 'couch surfing' device? Will you still think that when there are no more security updates?
  • $299 is a long way off the $99 tht HP's TouchPad ended up at when it went into its final death spiral.
  • Spend you money on a Kindle Fire instead!

So no, don't even think about picking up a PlayBook for $299 ... you can do better, a lot better!

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