Silent Circle secures $30 million in funding to expand Blackphone production

Private communications firm Silent Circle has secured $30 million in funding to cope with demand for the privacy-based Blackphone, as well as expand operations globally.

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Silent Circle has secured $30 million in funding to support accelerated growth and to meet demand for the privacy-based Blackphone.

The private communications firm announced the round of funding on Wednesday. Led by investors Ross Perot Jr. and private investment fund Cain Capital LLC, Silent Circle was able to secure $30 million in total. The company says the cash will be used to support expansion of the company and to boost production of the Blackphone due to "overwhelming demand."

The Blackphone features PrivatOS, a privacy-enhanced operating system based on Android and contains Silent Circle's full suite of privacy apps, including Silent Phone and Silent Text. Communication is encrypted between the Silent Phone user's device and Silent Circle's private network, and both message and attachments sent via the network can be set to self-destruct within a particular time period. The Blackphone will be shipped from next month.

Silent Circle also announced the appointment of Ross Perot Jr. and former CEO and chairman of British Telecom Sir Peter Bonfield to its Advisory Board. Former Dell executive Anurag Jain has been appointed as Vice Chairman of the Board.

Silent Circle CEO and co-founder Mike Janke commented:

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Today's announcements mark tremendous momentum in our goal of delivering secure and private communications on a global scale. Awareness of global privacy threats is irrevocably affecting individuals' and businesses' behavior and driving worldwide demand for Silent Circle's unmatched secure communication technology, calling plans and Blackphone devices.

The firm accounts for customers in over 130 countries, 23 of the global Fortune 50 enterprises and governmental bodies from 11 nations, and plans to relocate its headquarters from the Caribbean island of Nevis to Switzerland. The shift makes sense, as Silent Circle already has offices in Washington, D.C. and in London, and has dedicated itself to catering for a global audience. 

Vic Hyder, Silent Circle Chief of Revenue commented:

The move to Switzerland is extremely important for us as a company serving a global customer base. Switzerland's strong privacy laws, legendary neutrality, and economic business advantages will allow us the ability to scale to Silent Circle's rapid adoption by businesses, governments, and individual prosumers around the world.

In February, Silent Circle landed a strategic partnership with Dutch telco KPN to offer KPN customers the use of Silent Circle's encryption apps, and later the Blackphone. KPN has purchased exclusivity rights for the Dutch, Belgian, and German markets.