Classics: Digital Blunders

"Duck sounds a bit like…"

"Duck sounds a bit like…"'s classic Digital Blunders series highlighted some of the tech howlers and tales of woe that can all too easily result from failing to engage your brain before sending an email or using a mobile phone.

From wrongly addressed emails, users hitting reply when they meant forward - and adding derogatory comments about the accidental recipient, saucy text messages to an ex-girlfriend or wife, which were intended for the new girl in the sender's life - we saw it... and published it.

The best included a home DVD recording that definitely shouldn't have been broadcast at a family birthday party, an email blunder involving the sender's wife, a text insult to a follicly challenged baldy and a smutty email sent by mistake to the boss.

Here are all the Digital Blunders articles in their toe-curling glory:

If you think you've got a better tech-related howler or blunder than that then email us here. We'll publish the best - respecting anonymity to protect the innocent/stupid.