Singapore government cloud ready for wider deployment

Country's G-Cloud is ready for wider deployment to all government agencies after early adopters were successfully migrated to the private cloud infrastructure earlier this year.

SINGAPORE--The government's private cloud infrastructure, called G-Cloud, is live and ready for wider deployment, paving the way for the sharing of IT resources and applications across the public sector.  

Early adopters of G-Cloud include Singapore's Inland Revenue Authority and Education Ministry.

In a media statement released Monday, SingTel said early adopters which include the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS) and Ministry of Education (MOE) had been successfully moved to the cloud infrastructure and other government agencies will now be similarly migrated. 

No timeframe was provided on when these early adopters were moved to the new infrastructure, but the announcement comes a year after SingTel said in May 2012 it had won the five-year tender to deploy the G-Cloud by end-2012. The government initiative had been touted as a multi-tenancy, "automation with on-demamd provisioning" infrastructure to enable the "standardization and sharing of computing resources and applications" across all public-sector agencies in the country.

SingTel said the infrastructure was rolled out through a partnership with Hewlett-Packard.  

NCS also revealed it will be involved in the migration efforts, putting together the roadmap to move government systems, applications, and e-services to the G-Cloud over the next 18 months. NCS is a local systems integrator and wholly-owned subsidiary of SingTel. 

The cloud infrastructure includes a self-service portal that will enable staff from the various government agencies to procure and manage computing resources, and monitor usage for better resource planning. NCS CEO Chia Wee Boon said in a media statement: "We will work with various government agencies to plan the transition strategy and provide the blueprint for the integration of cloud technologies into their IT and business strategies. With the size, scale, and complexity in transition activities involved, the implementation risks and implications will need to be assessed and carefully managed."

Lim Teck Soon, MOE's IT director, added: "The G-Cloud platform provides us the flexibility to scale our IT resources for seasonal workload. With the self-service portal, the capacities can be easily managed and turned on. MOE can deliver our e-services more efficiently, securely, and on-demand to the schools."


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