Singapore PM publishes self-coded Sudoku solver

Country's prime minister Lee Hsien Loong posts the source code of a Sudoku solver he wrote in C++ and asks the tech community to assess his work.

Singapore's head of state has posted the source code of a Sudoku solver he wrote several years ago in C++, urging the local tech community to review his work.


Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong made the source code available Monday evening via his Facebook profile as an .exe file, and included a sample screenshot of the program written. He had mentioned the project during his speech at the Founders Forum Smart Nation reception last month, when he urged Singaporeans to pick up engineering and IT skills so there would be sufficient talent to support the country's smart nation ambition.

The .exe file for the Sudoku solver is stored on Google Drive and described by Lee as "pretty basic", running on command prompt in a DOS window. He also left instructions for others looking to try out the solver and provided other details "for techies", noting that the program included a backtrack search.

He then asked fellow coders to check his work and let him know if there were bugs in his program. Lee's post has been shared more than 12,000 times since Monday evening, with a string of comments from fellow Facebook users including one who asked if the prime minister could upload the source code into GitHub so others could modify it.

Lee was a senior wrangler at Cambridge University, a title which is given to students who obtains the highest overall score among other wranglers at the U.K. university who, in turn, have earned first-class degrees in mathematics.