Single women and Silicon Valley's drive to innovate...

It's a lot easier to innovate if you aren't distracted all the time...

Some people say there are no single women in Silicon Valley.

The lack of single women in the Silicon Valley has a huge effect on what men do in the free time. Going to bars and picking up women is much harder in the Valley than in New York. Rather than going out, men stay in and do other more "nerdy" activities such as work, networking, programming, writing or engineering. These nerdy activities lead to innovation and technological process. The Valley would probably be much less successful if there were more women.

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Some people say that the lack of single women helps the engineers concentrate on their work:

Countless VCs, pundits, founder helpers, xfounder VCs and most anybody else involved in the Valley/SF startup scene will ask you "when are you moving out here? This is where it is happening."

. . . what they don't tell you is that you will have nothing else to occupy your attention and keep you from working 80 hours a week cranking code with your nose in a computer screen. Why, because there are no women to distract you from your tasks.

Companies and their ratio:

Median Age 27 years Gender Male 68% Female 32%

City of San Francisco:
Median Age 32 years Gender Male 62% Female 38%

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I don't think it's that bad. It comes down to location, location, location. Meeting women in Silicon Valley is tough, meeting anyone there is tough because it's a cross between a business park and the suburbs.

If you are single you should live in the city. Not because there are more bars, but there are more things to do, more chances to meet anyone.

(Hat tip Jeremiah Owyang)