SingNet launches bilingual hosting services for SMBs

New offering from Singapore ISP designed to make it easier for small and midsized companies to get online.

Internet service provider SingNet has launched a bilingual hosting service to help small and medium-sized companies set up corporate e-mail, Intranets and Web sites.

Aimed at companies that do not have an online presence yet, SingNet's BizWeb Solutions (BWS) provide a range of services, including Web-site design templates, Web and e-mail hosting services.

SingNet allows SMBs to register their own company domain name, which SingNet will host, so that they can create a distinct cyber-identify for their companies. SingNet will also put its customers in contact with the Singapore Information Network Center, the regulator of Singapore’s .sg domain.

According to a company statement, BWS also functions as a company Intranet and has an online storage feature of up to 3 gigabytes for staff to back up and store important data.

The services are also available in Chinese for companies that employ more Mandarin speakers, or have plans to expand their businesses in China and other Chinese-speaking markets.

SingNet’s BWS plans are now available from S$63.00 (US$37.80) to S$420.00 (US$251.70) per month. Optional value-added services are also available with each plan to suit specific business needs.