Siri setback for Apple in China patent ruling

Lower court in China rules against Apple and says a Chinese company has the patent over a similar intelligent assistant.

A lower court in China reached a verdict on 8 July 2014 against Apple by upholding the country’s patenting authority’s decision which protects the intellectual rights of Chinese company Zhizhen Network Technology over Xiaoi, an intelligent personal assistant similar to Siri.

According to a Sina report published on Tuesday, the First Intermediate People’s Court of Beijing rejects Apple’s demands on the Chinese State Intellectual Property Office to revoke the patents of the Shanghai-based

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The dispute began when the Chinese company filed a lawsuit against Apple in June 2012 saying that that the American giant’s Siri, iOS’s intelligent personal assistant, infringed its patent rights on a similar product of their company. The outcome of the lawsuit could preclude Apple offering Siri in China.

In an effort to win the case, Apple asked the patenting authority of China to declare’s patents invalid in November 2012. However, after ten months the authority ruled otherwise, said the Sina report. was granted the patents in 2009 and its founder and chief executive officer Yuan Hui argued back in 2012 that Apple’s Siri closely copied his product.

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